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PN are fragmented DNA that when injected into the skin, draws water to the molecules and signals to your body to improve perfusion with vessels and then in turn fibroblasts are stimulated to create more of your own collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid. You will also notice a reduction in inflammation of the skin. PNs optimise the extra cellular environment and stimulate tissue reconstruction and repair. This translates into fresher, revitalised and tighter skin.

The most exciting area Polynucleotides can be used is under the eyes. The tear trough, dark circles under the eyes and sagging skin can be really improved. It also helps with lumpy or sunken scars, acne scarring, hyperpigmentation, melasma, rosacea, inflammed skin, general signs of facial ageing, eyebrow and scalp hair loss. It’s also great for treating a wrinkly neck, décolleté, inner arms, thighs, and knees. The skin will have reduced pigmentation, improved skin quality, thickness and hydration. This takes a few months to become fully evident.
It is also a very good treatment for hair restoration and prevention of hair loss.

This treatment is suitable for everyone who would like to refresh the skin and rejuvenate the whole treated area. As it is highly purified particles of DNA allergic reactions are not likely therefor can be safely injected into those who have allergies, even seafood allergies.It is also a very good treatment for hair restoration and prevention of hair loss.

The actual injections will take around 30 minutes. However, 1 hour is allowed to prepare you for the procedure.

Treatment is generally pain-free as the needles are exceptionally thin, but we can use a numbing cream if required. Cannula (a blunt tipped needle) is often used and as this delivers products under the skin with just one needle hole so is generally well tolerated.

At least 2 sessions 21 days apart. Some people may need 4 sessions. It depends on the degree of ageing your tissue has and your ability to create quality tissue when stimulated. It is so important to have a healthy diet, reduce smoking, reduce drinking alcohol and have a nutritious diet so you create good quality skin.

Your skin quality will improve gradually as the tissues regenerate. Most notice a difference after 2-4 weeks, but things will continue to improve as this is a regenerative treatment. Full results can be expected about 3 months later.

For the best results repeat your treatment after 6-9 months. Even though you are banking collagen you will continue to age and so lose it again.

As a new service, the introductory price is £250 per session or £600 for 3 sessions. Prepaid courses may work out cheaper per session.

Dermal fillers simply add volume to the skin. They are “inert” volumisers in the tissues and the results are immediate. Fillers can stay in the tissues from anywhere between 6 months to years later, some remnants are there even up to 12 years later. Some people aren’t suitable for filler in the tear troughs if their skin is loose as HA draws in water and will create puffiness over time.
Polynucleotides are different, in that they stimulate regeneration at the cellular level so it takes time to be seen visually and studies show volumes can be equivocal to HA fillers. It’s also true that polynucleotides stimulate your own skin and will show improved texture and appearance minimizing pores and roughness. Combinations of PN and dermal fillers may be recommended for an overall holistic regeneration.

It’s easy to be confused about the differences between these. It’s true both create dewy looking skin, however, skin boosters are hyaluronic acid and amino acids. These work to add a soft volume and hydration effect. However, they do not have the same type of regeneration action.
Polynucleotides work to boost fibroblast production, induce tissue repair processes, reduce inflammatory processes, regulate melanogenesis, and promote hydration in the skin. This means, yes, you will get dewy skin but also a build-up of your own collagen that will last for years. However in both cases your skin will continue to age, so the aesthetic benefits will not last for years.

Both Profhilo and PN will give radiance and glow to the skin. Profhilo is a mixture of hyaluronic acids that stimulate collagen whilst it is present in the skin for 28 days. The aesthetic benefits are there for around 4-6 months. There is some emerging evidence there may be a stimulation of good facial fat in that time.
In contrast Plenhyage has no artificial hyaluronic acid and it stimulates your skin to produce collagen, elastin and it’s own HA resulting biorevitalisation of the skin.

PN is an injectable treatment so expect to have some bruising and possibly some stinging at the injection sites. If needles are used there can be little bumps for 48 hours after treatment so it may be best to avoid work until they settle.
These very pure DNA particles in a water solution have very little chance of creating an allergic reaction or delayed reactions like nodules or biofilms.

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