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Red Vein Removal

Laser Treatment

Red Vein Removal

Laser Treatment


Spider veins are little red, blue, or purple blood veins, which appear especially on the face, near the eyes and nose area. Some of the causes of these red spider veins are due to prolonged exposure to sunlight, aging, trauma, and alcohol.

Before starting an Nd Yag laser treatment you will get a full specialty assessment. This procedure is necessary in order to identify the type and stringency of the affliction, the sensitivity of the skin, and to know all the medical history, for the maximum safety of our clients. After identifying the problem area, the blood vessels that are to be treated are examined, starting with the large ones and finishing with the thin and less affected ones.


with the advanced Nd:Yag laser treatment, it gives an accurate distribution of the laser’s energy along the blood veins, leading to their coagulation, followed by their absorption by the body. In some cases, bruising may appear in the treated areas, which will disappear without problems in a week at most. After the treatment, we recommend the avoidance of hot baths, sun exposure, and high effort exercise on the day. The number of laser sessions is established according to the size of the affliction but for the best results, it may be necessary for more than one intervention.

The painless and efficient method of laser therapy is applicable to both men and women for solving the unaesthetic aspect of the spider veins. More than that, the persons undergoing this kind of treatment can resume their daily activities right after the intervention, without needing any restrictions.

Spider Veins

Small blood vessels that become enlarged near the surface of the skin and appear as blue, purple, or red thread-like lines.

A spider angioma (also known as a nevus araneus, spider nevus, vascular spider, and spider telangiectasia[1]) is a type of telangiectasis[2] (swollen blood vessels) found slightly beneath the skin surface, often containing a central red spot and reddish extensions which radiate outwards like a spider’s web can be treated with electrolysis or our ND YAG laser – Campbell De Morgan

Campbell De Morgan
These are common, benign skin lesions of middle to older age, formed by proliferating, dilated capillaries and postcapillary venules.can be treated with our ND YAG laser please call for consolation

Thread Veins
Thread veins are also very common. They are mainly found around the nose and in the legs, often on the sides of the knee area. Thread veins are caused by numerous factors such as pregnancy, smoking, hormones, and ageing. The needle is put on to the vein and then an electrical current is released. The current will cauterize the vein, killing the vessel wall and causing the blood to coagulate to the surface and then disappear.This procedure is usually permanent.

Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) can give a long term solution to red veins in just a few fast and easy treatments.  Unlike some other treatments, there is ‘no downtime’ in as much as you can have a treatment and then return to work afterwards

Typically from 15 to 45 minutes per session.

How many sessions are needed?

Typically 1 to 5 treatments give the best possible results, although small red veins may be cleared in just one single session.


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